...Dan Hodgett talks to Ninja Tune music man Mr Scruff at 'The Bomb' in Nottingham...
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With Warp, a lot of their stuff is know to be quite dark and your stuff seems a lot more up-beat, was that ever a problem?
Nightmares on Wax's stuff isn't dark, some of Aphex Twin's stuff is really mellow and musically sublime, also people like Autechre have their mellow moments as well, I wouldn't call Plaid dark, or Boards of Canada, maybe melancholy rather than dark for the sake of it, its more the textures that are involved, the mood. It has its own idiosyncrasies its a bit fiddly and stuff like that, but there is more texture than other labels.
Does it ever bother you that being on such an alternative label as Ninja Tune, you will probably never get any chart success, maybe more recognition?
I am quite happy, I have progressed well in the six years that I have been putting records out, that's gone slowly and at my own pace, I am really happy with how I am doing. I think the more in the public eye you are the more under pressure you are, if you expand too quickly for many people the first impression of you is your first big record. A lot of people who bought the Ninja Tune album or maybe heard 'Fish' don't realise that I have had about ten 12"s out before that. I am not pressured to tour or anything, so I can mooch about at home, play records and drink tea.
Sounds great, do you have any new releases in the next few months?
Possibly, I don't know yet. If I finish it, maybe something before summer, but more likely in September, but its about time I put something else out

On your website it says that you have a show on student radio, is that something you started when you were at uni?
No, no I only started about a year ago, with Treva Whateva (Skint) who is playing tonight; we have always done local stations. It was a good excuse, we got good feedback 'cos it was silly and we had our own spoof adverts and daft jingles and play loads of really good new music. Generally radio is so poor in this country, the coverage isn't great, all the so-called 'independent stations' are all owned by the same company. Music in the country on the radio is terrible compared to ten years ago.
Where do you buy your records?
Everywhere, because I am into everything I prefer to go to specialist shops, reggae shops, hip-hop shops, house shops, drum and bass shops, garage shop. I buy loads of second hand stuff; I can go into anywhere and come out with loads of good records. You can go to a shop where they specialise, for instance I really like ska, so I can say, "give me twenty really good ska records" just as an introduction to it. Rob's Records in Nottingham is great for that, when I go down he picks me 10 or 15 really good northern soul tunes out, then you build up a good collection. I tend to go for mad, old, thirty year old obscure records rather than new stuff.
Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time?
I think you should just progress at your own rate, I know what I am doing for the rest of the year 'cos I have to plan in advance, but generally I am getting to DJ in my own clubs and play all night which is what I want to do, more radio maybe. Just enjoying it, my perception of what is enjoyable will probably change as I get older anyway. I will just keep on playing good records and having a laugh.

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Mr Scruff
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