...Dan Hodgetttalks to Ninja Tune music man Mr Scruff at 'The Bomb' in Nottingham...
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How did you first get started in the music industry?
I first started DJing in about 1983, just in my bedroom and stuff like that and just sort of progressed from then.  I got decks, did mix tapes, and stuff like that.  As far as the whole industry thing started, I didn't start getting gigs until 1994, then someone accidentally got hold of one of my demo tapes and I got a deal straight away which was all quite bizarre.  So I wasn't really hustling or anything like that I was just messing around with records like young lads do and it turned out alright.
So it wasn't that difficult getting into the industry, it was kind of by accident?
Mmm yeah, I mean I was doing gigs and stuff like that, and I knew I was good at what I did, but I didn't see anyone else around me that was making a living out of it, I just thought you stick with doing it as a hobby and then I started to get a few bar gigs.  I think if I was trying I probably would have been frustrated because I was Djing for over ten years before I even got my first gig, it wasn’t easy, but I wasn't trying. If that explains anything!!
What was it that lead you into this area of music?
Erm…What area is that?
Well, What would you classify your music as, what genre would you say it is?
I don't know, my music if programmed and uses samples, so that immediately classifies it as programmed music I suppose. Because of everything I'm into, I am obviously influenced by my influences, and then I put a bit of my daft personality in there, but there is so much I find it very difficult to describe, I have no idea what the next thing I record will sound like.
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Mr Scruff
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