...Dan Hodgett talks to Ninja Tune music man Mr Scruff at 'The Bomb' in Nottingham...
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Do you prefer smaller venues?
A lot of the places I do my regular clubs now are about 600 people, I find that the smaller venues are more all over the place and you can go with the music, but if you have 600 people who are into everything anyway you get the same kind of intimate atmosphere as if you have 100 or 200 people. So, anywhere as long as the atmosphere is right and the whole feel of the place, with attention to decoration, it is difficult to classify venues by size. You released some stuff on Warp, some remixes Yeah, I did a Nightmares on Wax and a Red Snapper remix
How did that come about?
I had known them for ages, I met George from Nightmares on Wax when we used to DJ together, Red Snapper were just into my stuff and I met with them and they asked me to do a remix.
You did one for Badly Drawn Boy too, 'Disillusion'. Did you know him?
Yeah, I have know him for about three or four years, but that's Manchester, everyone knows everyone so it's no big deal really.
On Ninja Tunes, do you know any other artists and are you friends with them?
Yeah, we used to go on tour quite a lot, I got to know Roots Manuva and Dynamic Syncapation, Mix Master Morris, Coldcut, Amon Tobin and Herbalizer I have spent three weeks on sweaty busses with these people. Clifford Gilberto, Neotropic, Kid Koala.
Is it a good label to be signed to then?
Yes, especially at the moment, they are very friendly, but they put the pressure on to do some quality stuff which obviously you need to have, the whole variety of stuff on the label like Vadim, Herbalizer and Roots Manuva, Chris Bowden's new stuff is fantastic, Kid Koala obviously. Then you have the Afro-beat stuff, DJ Food and Poets of Rhythm, there is quite a lot of organic funk music, and everything is a very good example of its type. It makes you feel very comfortable because everyone else is doing stuff that is so different, so you don't feel as tough you have a particular sound to fit into. For instance I didn't find it the least bit difficult to do a house single for Ninja.

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