...Dan Hodgett talks to Ninja Tune music man Mr Scruff at 'The Bomb' in Nottingham...
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Who are your influences -
Current, all time, either?

I have a lot of respect for anyone who does their own thing and does it well, so from someone like John Coltrane and Miles Davis to more way out stuff like Sunra, and I like a lot of disco, people like Leroy Burgess and Roy Airs. I could probably name a hundred hip-hop producers I admire, another hundred house producers, jazz musicians, soul musicians and producers. The Mizell brothers, people like Phil Spectra in the sixties and Joe Meak, King Tubby obviously. It's everything, you know, from producers to rappers, to musicians, to whole bands. I am influenced by so much, the one kind ofÊ pre-requisite is that it's good really!!
What record by another artist do you wish you had made?
I suppose it would be something like a Leroy Burgess tune, something over a fat rap by Funerary or some classic boogie disco stuff. I am a huge fan of soul music but I can't sing or play a note, so it seems very daunting but, hearing something good like that spurs you on to do something good yourself.
Can you play any instruments?
No, I don't know a lot about music theory but my ear is very well trained just from Djing so I can fit stuff together, I have an instinct for it but I haven't really got a clue what'm doing technically.
Do you remember gig/set that you played?
Yeah, it was in Stockport Students Union in 1990, for an art course end of term gig.

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Mr Scruff
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