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^^Look at the state of your 'air lad! Did I care, well no.

Rich's stories of life at 100 Portland Street, Lincoln, England
Student's who 'Do bad'
First day at Portland HQ

Claire's Mellon's lovely centre-piece vase of flowers really making the room cosy (there was nothing in there apart from the most uncomfortable furniture in the world (copyright) and a smelly old beanbag, called Bagpus)

You will notice that Rich (me!) is reading a broadsheet newspaper in an attempt to educate himself and look intelligent.

^^ Rich, Ian and Sebastian Dorey reading the sunday papers.

Rich 'the photographer'

^^ Ian and Dan
In Charlotte's room, a gratuitous arty shot that I just had to put in...or: I'm lucky that one came out, without a blinking flash, I'll tell everyone I meant it to look this way, that'll fool 'em!

^^Rich and Dan attempting not to 'do bad' in Selelectadisc in Nottingham.
It was tough due to the wide variety of cool music they have in their three shops! Vinyl, second hand and dance/rock stuff, all at good prices - sorry not an advert, just remembering ther good times.

'Doing bad' refers to the common practice twe, and probably many other students fought against, which was spending all your loan money on CD's and videos/DVD's.

We often got sucked into HMV on a Monday morningback in Lincoln, via their 'weak-student tractor beam'.
Have you ever tasted 'bin-juice'?
>>Dan negotiates the bins after two weeks without dustin-men servicing, and a couple of good rummages from the local dog/wolf/bear that we at various times heard/thought we saw during the year.

We managed to get through quite a lot of rubbish, which on an environmental scale worries me, on a personal level worries me. The Tuesday night rubbish bag run was a particular favourite past-time of the boys. The girls seemed to have some sort of aversion to the less than pleasant task, which ended with Paul and/or Ian wretching their guts up in the bathroom, at the ite and smell of the usually ripped bags (cheers dog/wolf/bear thing!
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